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DatosConsejos simples para el análisis de datos

Explora en detalle Pandas,nacido en el mar, Yellowbrick, Plotly y Shap, Aprenda cómo hacer hermosos gráficos y cómo extraer información de su análisis de datos.  Un analista de datos necesita proporcionar información a los socios comerciales y a un ingeniero de aprendizaje automático.   Los conocimientos necesarios pueden ser muy diferentes y la comprensión de los datos se utilizará de diferentes maneras.  Perfeccionemos nuestras habilidades de análisis de datos de Python y parcelas connacido en el mar, Pandas, Plotly y Shap.

In the realm of data visualization, Seaborn emerges as a powerful ally for data analysts. Leveraging its high-level interface, Seaborn simplifies the creation of aesthetically pleasing and informative statistical plots, facilitating the exploration of data patterns and relationships. Collaborating with machine learning engineers is integral to the data analysis process, and Yellowbrick proves invaluable in this context. By seamlessly integrating with Scikit-learn, Yellowbrick empowers analysts to evaluate and visualize machine learning models, offering essential insights for engineers to fine-tune and optimize these models.

Plotly takes data visualization to the next level by enabling interactive charting and enhancing the effectiveness of data storytelling and presentation. Additionally, WordCloud offers an insightful way to represent textual data, visualizing the most frequently occurring words and aiding analysts in extracting meaningful patterns and trends from large text corpora. Lastly, Shap plays a pivotal role in model interpretation, providing explanations for complex machine learning models through the Shapley Additive exPlanations approach. This allows data analysts to gain a deeper understanding of individual feature contributions to model predictions, leading to more comprehensive insights that can be effectively communicated to business partners.

General Python Analysis Tips

General Python Analysis Tips
free plot many distributions in one for loop with pandas in python
plot many free distributions in one for loop with seaborn

Use Pandas to plot the numerical and categorical distributions in your DataFrame together in one For Loop.

Use Seaborn to plot the numerical and categorical distributions in your DataFrame together in one For Loop matplotlib.pyplot as plt.

free python data analysis how to plot the pairwise correlation plot in python with sweetviz

Sweetviz, a powerful Python library that serves as a valuable tool for data analysis in the realm of data science. Sweetviz, which stands for "Sweet Visualization," is an open-source Python library designed to help data scientists, analysts, and engineers perform comprehensive exploratory data analysis (EDA) on their datasets. It offers an array of features and visualizations that can assist you in gaining insights into your data, understanding the distribution of your data, and identifying relationships between various features. Sweetviz truly simplifies the process of understanding your data.

Consejos para el análisis de datos de Seaborn en Python

Sumérjase en el análisis de datos con Seaborn.  La biblioteca de Python crea hermosos gráficos pero también mejora la capacidad de extraer información de su análisis de datos.  repasar consejos desde principiante hasta avanzado sobre cómo aprovechar al máximo su análisis de datos de Python en seaborn.

  Análisis univariante

Univariate Analysis
python seaborn free sns histplot, univariate analysis, data analysis
free kdeplot, seaborn, sns, python, data analysis tips, how to univariate analysis, kdeplot
free python data analysis barplot seaborn

Utilice las funciones estadísticas con el gráfico de barras de Seaborn.

El histograma de Seaborn entiende cómo controlar el nivel de generalización

El kdeplot de Seaborn puede ayudarnos a comprender el valor atípico de una distribución que puede proporcionar información valiosa.

python free, seaborn, sns, boxplot
seaborn free, python, sns, violinplot
python, seaborn, free univariate analysis, boxenplot, sns

Aprenda a usar el diagrama de caja de Seaborn para resaltar los valores atípicos que le preocupan.

seaborn, python, free categorical analysis, countplot, object

Los humanos son excelentes para notar la simetría o la falta de ella.  Aprende a sacar el máximo provecho de la trama de violín de Seabron.

seaborn free, python, sns, data analysis, univariate analysis, swarmplot

El diagrama de caja de Seaborn es un diagrama de caja híbrido y un histograma.  El control de las cajas ofrece información valiosa.

El gráfico de conteo de Seaborn es un análisis univariado para el tipo de datos de objeto o categoría, importante para comprender si hay un desequilibrio en sus clases.

El diagrama de enjambre de Seaborn permite examinar detalles de nivel granular y le permite encontrar información que solo un diagrama tan detallado puede ver.

free python seaborn anomaly detection plot

In Python with Seaborn learn how to make an anomaly detection plot.  Stock prices are prone to high volatility and as a portfolio manager, it can be helpful having the ability to detect anomalous movements.

To make an anomaly detection plot we will we use several Seaborn plots together.  In this we use 3 different types of plots.  Seaborn's lineplot, Seaborn's scatterplot and matplotlib.pyplot's axhlineplot to make our anomaly detection plot.

free learn python conditional kernel density estimation plot in seaborn free python

Seaborn is a popular Python data visualization library that offers a range of statistical plots and aesthetics. The Conditional Kernel Density Estimate (CKDE) is a valuable tool within Seaborn's toolkit as it allows for the visualization and analysis of conditional distributions. By leveraging the CKDE in Seaborn, users can gain insights into the relationship between variables while considering the influence of other factors.

The cube_helix palette generator in Seaborn is a powerful tool for creating visually appealing color palettes. It produces a sequence of colors that smoothly transitions from dark to light, with a unique helical shape. This palette is particularly useful when visualizing continuous data or creating gradient-filled plots, as it provides a visually pleasing and perceptually uniform color scheme.

free how to python detailed distribution plot in seaborn histplot stripplot kdeplot

In data analysis understanding your distribution is usually the first step to understanding your data.  In Machine Learning and Deep Learning understanding the distribution of each feature is often more important than understanding what the data means in real life.  


With Python using Seaborn we make a detailed distribution that allows you to see many aspects of your distribution together.  The boxenplot in Seaborn allows us to see the quartiles, and the overlayed stripplot adds texture.


Below we use Seaborn to plot a histplot, calling the hue argument in the plot to give further insight into how this other feature affects the distribution.  We highlight the histogram with the axvline plot to show case using the IQR formula where the outliers are under this classical definition of outliers.

use a ýthon class in your data anlaysis free costless gratis learning datasimple

In this guide, we'll dive into the intricacies of Python classes, tailoring them to meet Seaborn's specific needs. By designing default settings for various plot styles, we can expedite the process of generating visually compelling visualizations, saving us valuable time and effort in our analysis projects. This skill will undoubtedly prove invaluable for both aspiring data analysts and seasoned analysts, enhancing our ability to communicate insights effectively and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Analisis multivariable

Seaborn Bivariate Analysis
python, data analysis, bivariate analysis, sns, heatmap
data analysis, joinplot, python, seaborn, sns, jointplot
seaborn, lineplot, data analysis, analysis, analytics, analytical, Python, lineplot

learn to use seaborn's heatmap with seaborn's color palette generators to highlight specific insights in your heatmap

Learn how to control the sub-plotting functions histplot and scattplot in seaborn the make up the jointplot

learn to use seaborn's lineplot.  this is a simple plot but valuable in time series analysis

Analisis multivariable

Seaborn Figure Level Plot
categorical analysis, data analysis, seaborn, python, catplot
figure level plot, seaborn, sns, python, data analysis, high level analysis, granualar analysis, histplot, univariate analysis

learn to use seaborn's catplot figure level ploting function that allows you to seperate and groupby categories multiple times to get the most from you categorical analysis

learn to use seaborn's FacetGrid a figure level plotting function that allows you to separate and groupby categories and analyze patterns by sub groups

seaborn lmplot, seaborn, lmplot, linear model plot, python, regression, linear regression

Seaborn's lmplot() helps us to examine linear relationships.  Lmplot, linear model plot, performs a linear regression between x and y.  We can also use the row and col argument to groupby a categorical variable and plot the linear correlation between two variables in the subgroups. 

free ridge plot python how to learn ridge plot python guide how to easy

Use Seaborn's Ridge Plot to gain extra insights on the distributions you plot.  Although a histogram is an important plot and using the hue arguement gives you amazing insights.  The perspective given with the ridgeplot in Seaborn can yield unique insights and it looks amazing so great for a business presentation.

data analysis, pairgrid, sns, seaborn, analysis

Seaborn's PairGrid gives us a lot of flexibility to plot many variates and univariate plots in our data analyses. Why PairGrid better than Seaborn pairplot.

free how to data analysis strip plot stripplot seaborn python free learn advanced

In Python with Seaborn we use the stripplot and pointplot with the Facetgrid in Seaborn.  Using this combination of 3 Seaborn plots we make the StripPointPlot.  This custom plot looks beautiful but also gives an ability to analyze our data from a diferent perspective.  Also learn how to plot different scales together with StandardScaler.

free python seaborn how to figure level plots seaborn free

The figure-level plotting tools, relplot, displot, catplot, provide powerful functionalities for visualizing data relationships, distributions, and categorical variables in a concise and intuitive manner.

Powerful figure-level plotting tools that provide efficient and flexible ways to explore relationships, distributions, and categorical variables

Analisis multivariable

diverging palette seaborn

learn to use Seaborn's diverging palette generator with Python.  the Diverging palette is great for highlighting positive and negative correlations in Seaborn's heatmap.

choose diverging palette seaborn data analysis

Seaborn has the ability to control with a lot of flexible the color mix either diverging or sequential palettes the problem is you have so much control it takes a lot of time change find the right balance as you're generating your plot.  Seaborn's choose diverging palette tool lets you play with the various arguments until you've found your perfect unique color palette.  

free custom seaborn plots change style free guide how to

The sns.set_style function in the Seaborn library allows for easy customization of visual styles for data visualization. With sns set_style, you can modify the overall aesthetics of your plots by specifying a particular style.   Additionally, you can set the font scale and context to adjust the size and style of the text within your plots. By utilizing sns.set_style, you can effortlessly tailor the visual appearance of your Seaborn plots to suit your preferences and enhance the presentation of your data.

Pandas in Python Data Analysis Tips

Take a deep dive into data analysis with Pandas.  In Python Pandas is a necessity for working with data but it also has some quick and easy plots and allow for analysis that aren't available elsewhere. We'll go over tips from beginner to advanced on how to get the most from your Python Data Analysis.

Analisis multivariable

Univariate Analysis
pandas areaplot univariate analysis in python pandas
interactive pandas plot with plotly backend plotting free how to interactive pandas plot

The area plot in Pandas is a specialized plot that allows us to view how to data usually over a time series flow together.  Pandas' areaplot allows us to notice when and how relationships move in different patterns across the rows.  This can be a valuable plot in time series analysis or notice how the balance between features changes from observation to observation.

Pandas DataFrame is fundamental in data science but Pandas also has a great plotting tool.


What pandas plot lacks in statistic power when compared to other visualization libraries like Seaborn. Pandas plotting makes up for this in its ease to use and it a typical data analysis workflow a data scientist will you both pandas plot and seaborn depending on the need of the analysis.


A very cool feature of pandas plotting is that we can a back-end option to allow us to use pandas plot to plot interactive plots like can with Plotly.

interactive historgram free plot in pandas plot backend plotly pandas

Pandas plot is a fast and easy-to-use plotting engine in Python.  Pandas plot is handy because you'll likely already be using a pandas DataFrame and so you will have quick and easy access to the plotting function available in pandas.

But what if I told you, you could turn that accessibility into interactivity?

Using a backdoor in Pandas we can change the base plotting engine from Matplotlib to Plotly and gain the interactivity we have available in the Python library Plotly.  

Analisis multivariable

Pandas Bivariate Data Analysis
pandas pie plot free how to explode wedges slices pandas how to guide free

Learn to use Pandas' Pie plot function.  When using a pie plot we need to pay special attention to how the proportions of each section are clear.  We do this by adding the percentages to each section or wedge and using the explode argument to highligh sections

Analisis multivariable

Pandas Figure Level Plots Python
free figure plot python plots pandas
python pandas plot on right axis dual y axis plot different scales together

The main advantage of using Pandas Plot, over other Python visualization libraries is that is it very quick and easy to use.  

The main issue with Pandas is that it is not quite as beautiful as Seaborn so I normally use plt style use and choose a different style palette which tends to make Pandas look quite nice.  Here I am using the Solarize_Light2 in matplotlib style use function.

We often have variables of different scales that we want to plot alongside each other to look for patterns in the relationship between these two variables.  Pandas plot function has a handy solution with secondary_y argument and setting it to True on a second call of the plotting function will plot the second feature on the right y-axis making it a dual y-axis plot. 

Here we have plt style use set to seaborn style.

Plotly in Python Data Analysis Tips

Take a deep dive into interactive data analysis with Plotly.  Plotly is one of the newer Python visualization libraries.  One of the defining characteristics of Ploty is the interactivy you get and allows you to spend more time inspecting each univariate or bivariate analysis in more depth. 

Analisis multivariable

Plotly Univariate Analysis
Python Plotly Histogram free

In data science understanding the distribution of each feature becomes very important.  Plotly's histogram plot has some amazing data analysis features built into the histogram.  Changing the color by category, adding a histogram above or adding a count of value all easy options to use in the Plotly histogram.  Plus the interactivy of the Ploty allows you to take your data analysis to the next level.  

Analisis multivariable

Plotly bivariate Analysis free python
free plotly 3d scatter plot how to 3d scatter for free

I was so excited to try the 3D scatter plot in Plotly the first time because wow cool no?  But I was also pleasantly surprised and the extra insights I was able to extract from this plot.   Something about actually going inside your data and exploring the data in 3D yields amazing insights.  

The 3D Scatter plot in Plotly is an amazing data analysis tool.  The 3D scatter plot allows us to inspect 3 continuous features side by side by side.  Better yet in this 3D environment, we can zoom in and it almost feels like we are able to jump inside of our data and explore this tri variate relationship in detail.

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