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Python Data Analysis Tips - Seaborn Catplot

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Here we will learn to use Seaborn's catplot functions. This is a figure-level plot and sits on top of the facetgrid. This will allows us to inspect sub-sub categories. We can also access the swarmplot, stripplot, boxenplot, and many more depending on the generalization we would like to see in our data analysis.

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catplot in Python with Seaborn with kind = swarm

In the seaborn catplot we can set the kind argument to control what plot is made at each quadrant of our facetgrid.

In all seaborn plots control the hue argument allows us to separte our distributions by color.

We can also use Seaborn's boxenplot in our catplot. The boxenplot generalizes more than the swarmplot.

The point estimation plot in Seaborn allows us to get the most generalization in our data analysis.

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