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Python Data Analysis Tips - Interactive Pandas Bar plot using the backend option Plotly.

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

pandas backend plotting plotly
Interactive Pandas Bar Plot

Pandas DataFrame is fundamental in data science but Pandas also has a great plotting tool.

What pandas plot lacks in statistic power when compared to other visualization libraries like Seaborn. Pandas plotting makes up for this in its ease to use and it a typical data analysis workflow a data scientist will you both pandas plot and seaborn depending on the need of the analysis.

A very cool feature of pandas plotting is that we can a back-end option to allow us to use pandas plot to plot interactive plots like can with Plotly.

We do this by setting the pandas plotting backend to = plotly. It's that easy to access all of the interactivity we have in Plotly but with the ease of use of Pandas plot.

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