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Python Data Analysis Tips swarmplot how when why to use a Seaborn swarmplot

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Python beginner data analysis tips on how to use seaborn swarmplot(). Learn why you would use this distribution plot versus other types of seaborn plots. learn to analyze your data with the swarmplot()

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seaborn, python, data analysis, analysis, swarmplot, analyze, statical analysis, distribution
swamplot in seaborn

in the seaborn swarm plot() we can use the axis x or y with a continuous feature on the other axis and groupby the category and plot the individual swarmplot() by category. the swarm plot allows use to see details of the distribution that would otherwise be missed and allows you to find valuable insights in your Python data analysis

seaborn, python, data analysis, analysis, kdeplot, analyze, statical analysis, distribution
swarmplot in Python with seaborn color by category

the hue argument in the seaborn swarmplot() allows an incredible amount of detailed insights to be extracted from the distribution in your data analysis in python

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