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Guide To Midjourney
Promts and Parameters

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These Midjourney prompts aim to guide students in the creation of beautiful AI-generated images using Mourney. Students will explore various aspects of visual expression, including lighting, emotion, style, color, and metaphors. They will experiment with different lighting techniques to evoke specific emotions, such as happiness, sadness, or tranquility. Additionally, students will delve into stylistic variations, replicating the characteristics of art movements or artists to create unique AI-generated images. They will also learn about the impact of color on mood and communication, using different color schemes to convey warmth, coolness, or harmony. Metaphorical interpretations will encourage students to think symbolically, incorporating metaphors into their AI-generated images. Finally, narrative composition prompts will guide students to tell stories or capture significant moments using Mourney, employing elements like lighting, color, and style to enhance the mood and atmosphere of their narratives. Throughout these prompts, students will be encouraged to experiment, explore, and develop their own artistic expressions using AI-generated tools.

Midjourney Quick Start Documentation

To honor the Python library "pandas", we have adopted a unique testing method by incorporating a "panda" into our experimentation process. In this context, the panda represents an AI model specialized in generating visual content. Each prompt will be combined with the panda, blending them in equal parts to produce AI-generated images. By leveraging the panda's generative capabilities alongside the guidance provided by the prompts, we can evaluate the extent to which the prompts influence the resulting artistic expression. This collaborative approach allows us to explore the potential of combining the expertise of the panda model with the creative direction provided by the prompts, ultimately inspiring students to create captivating and visually striking AI-generated artwork.

All prompts are generated with one part panda and one part prompt.  This is given to Midjourney as panda::1 prompt::1. No additional prompt engineering as we want to show the affect each prompt has when mixed equally with our test subject.

free gratis prompt midjourney engineer guide free to use
midjourney free guide to prompt engineering costless donated gratis free and easy to use
style prompt engineer how to generate images with midjourney gratis simple how to learn prompt engineering
how to change colors prompt engineering guide free easy to use simple costless gratis donated prompt examples
environment prompts control background for generated images free to use guided donated by data simple education
use metaphors to engineer beautful prompts free user guide costless example prompts easy to learn free to learn
free user guided midjourney prompt engineering how to costless easy examples donated learn how to prompt engineer
create images with midjourney using light prompt how to generate images free to us guide
generate images with midjourney using example prompts for free easy to use guide create images with Ai
image generation creation with midjourney how to example guide learn free how to use midjourney to create images
Lighting plays an important role and includes aspects like Illumination, Exposure, Contrast, Shadows, Reflection, Text and Details, and Mood and Atmosphere of the image you are trying to generate.  Controlling the light in your images will allow you to communicate subtle messages in your Ai art.
Art communicates emotion often directly and subtly at the same time.  Learning different human emotional text prompts will affect everything from the clothes to the facial expression of the subject we are trying to generate.  In general is better to go for the more descriptive word so instead of happy you might try content or cheerful
free prompt guided for creating image with midjourney text to image generation
costless guide to creating images with midjourney how to create prompts
prompt engineering guide how to generation images with midjourney
Humans have created almost limitless styles of photography, painting, and digital art.  Let's explore common but a small fraction of all the styles that exist.  Explore how little changes in style like the amount of detail can have a large impact of the minimalist or maximalist prompts. We'll also explore different fantasy styles like cyberpunk and dark fantasy.  Also, we'll take a look at the effect of text prompts that affect the geometry and structure of our art like fractal prompts.  We also like at the subtle details in the difference between the style of a Movie Poster and a TV Show poster. 
style prompt create to generate image from text with midjourney free to use guide
donated example prompt guide for image generation with midjourney free costless gratis
image create with Ai midjourney how to create art with Ai
Midjourney, the text-to-image AI, is a remarkable creation that breathes life into the realm of imagination. With its power, the world of colors becomes a playground for creativity. Insane colors emerge from its virtual palette, defying the constraints of reality and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Vibrant hues burst forth, pulsating with energy and vitality, as if infused with a secret source of eternal radiance. With Midjourney, the journey of visual exploration takes a mesmerizing turn, unveiling breathtaking landscapes where reality meets fantasy. It is a portal to a world where colors come alive, blurring the lines between perception and imagination, and inviting us to witness the awe-inspiring wonders that only the mind can conceive. With each stroke of its digital brush, Midjourney breathes magic into the canvas, creating vibrant masterpieces that stir the soul and leave an everlasting impression.
costless guide to prompt engineering that teaches how to generate images with midjourney
costless how to generate imaged with Ai
learn how to prompt engineer and see real examples of different prompt created with midjourney
In painting or digital art environment or setting refers to the context in which the subject of the image is depicted. It includes elements such as the background, surroundings, lighting, and overall atmosphere that contribute to the visual narrative or mood of the artwork. Using environment prompts or setting prompts plays a crucial role in conveying a specific message, evoking emotions, or creating a particular aesthetic experience for the viewer. By using prompts to control the environment, a data scientist can influence these aspects of an image, allowing for intentional manipulation or customization of the visual storytelling within the artwork
midjourney prompt guided data art environment image generation
guided to midjourney prompts text to image Ai
Midjourney guided to image prompt for text to image Ai generation
Engaging with metaphors during a Midjourney provides a unique opportunity for introspection and exploration. They enable us to view our experiences from new angles, shedding light on the hidden depths and untapped potential within. Metaphors offer a fresh lens through which we can perceive and interpret our challenges, transforming them into stepping stones toward growth and resilience. As you embark on this journey of creative discovery, allow the metaphors to guide you, shaping your thoughts, emotions, and actions, ultimately painting a vivid and meaningful narrative of your Ai generated images.
prompt engineering wiht midjourney costless examples donated and free to use how to generate image with text to image model
Controlling the time period in your prompts is crucial as it establishes context, maintains consistency, and taps into emotional connections. By specifying a particular era, you evoke the necessary backdrop for the image, aligning details, atmosphere, and characters with the intended theme. This ensures a more immersive and coherent narrative. Different time periods have unique characteristics that encompass fashion, architecture, language, and societal norms. By specifying the time period, you provide a cohesive and believable experience for the audience. Additionally, it allows you to tap into the nostalgia, curiosity, or fascination associated with different eras, enhancing the impact and resonance of the generated image. In summary, carefully specifying the era or time frame helps craft a vivid and engaging narrative that captures the essence of your desired image.
costless examples on how to prompt engineer with midjourney
prompt guided free to use midjourney prompt examples costless
free costless guide how to prompt generate image with midjourney
Welcome to our intriguing collection of images generated with dynamic alterations to the --v, --chaos, and --s parameters in the midst of a creative journey. These images represent an exploration of the ever-evolving nature of generative art. The --v parameter serves as a versatile lever, allowing us to shape the images' evolution and transition between different visual themes. Our creative process embraces the essence of chaos by dynamically altering the --chaos parameter, leading to unexpected twists and artistic innovations as the journey unfolds. Additionally, the --s parameter introduces a unique dimension to the collection, enabling us to navigate through scales and perspectives, from microcosmic details to macroscopic vistas. This collection stands as a testament to the dynamic and adaptive nature of generative art, reflecting the transformative power of data-driven creativity as we traverse our artistic voyage.
midjourney guided to prompt engineering for students free to use for practice in image generation
parameters for prompt engineering with midjourney how to for free costless
free costless how to generate images with midjourney donated examples by datasimple
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