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At DataSimple we believe that learning Python and Data Science can be easy.

Learn Data Science using Python the DataSimple way.  Practice your Python skills with follow-along guided projects to help you build the important muscle memory that need to feel comfortable in Python.  Our guided projects cover datat analysis, machince learning and deep learning in Python with Seaborn, Pandas, Sklearn, and Tensorflow.

Our Python Basics, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Bootcamps are meant to help update your skills set while making you able to practical use the skills you've learned when working on your own projects.  Our programs are meant to help update your skill set and build on what you already know about data to accelerate your Python Data experience.

Focused Data Learning

Data Science is a vast topic and covers many sub-specializations.  Focus your Python learning and learn the skill set you want to develop.  Learn from beginner Python.  Already an expert? Jump right into Deep Learning with Tensorflow.  Or dive deep into data analysis with Seaborn and Pandas.  Looking to automate decision making, then focus on our machine-learning material. Learn Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning the DataSimple way.

Python Data Basics

Python Basics
Free Python Data Basics Education Data Science Teacher Brandyn.jpg

Welcome to the Python Data Basics Classes, where you can start on a journey to master the fundamental concepts and techniques of data manipulation and analysis using Python programming language. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, these classes provide a comprehensive foundation to unlock the power of data in Python.  Using data to learn Python actually makes the learning process fun and easy as you explore datasets with Python.

free python data basics learn about data types and why data is important and how it affects python

Learn the basics of Python and the importance of data types in this free independent educational material by Data Science Teacher Brandyn.

free to use python data basics learn python loops with pandas dataframe for free there is no cost to use these free classes for stuendts gratis learning

We delve into loops, which allow us to repeat tasks multiple times or based on certain conditions, making our code efficient and time-saving.

free python independent learning education free pandas dataframe data science python free

logic statements to control the flow of our workflow, allowing us to selectively perform operations on specific data and filter our dataset based on certain requirements

free pandas education in python data manipulation free to use easy simple learn

We explore the usage of user-defined functions, a crucial aspect of programming for writing clean Python code and enabling code reusability in data science.

Python Data Practice

Python Data Practice
free python data analysis guided projects easy simple independent learning
free machine learning guided projects free to use independent learning material for students easy simple education free
costless guided projects python to use for deep learning computer vision projects, nlp projects for free, learn how to build neural networks gratis

The data analysis guided project in Python provides a hands-on experience where you apply your skills and knowledge to analyze real-world datasets, gain insights, and draw meaningful conclusions.

The machine learning guided project in Python offers an immersive opportunity to apply machine learning algorithms and techniques to real-world datasets, enabling you to build predictive models and make data-driven decisions.

The deep learning guided project in Python provides a comprehensive exploration of neural networks and deep learning architectures, allowing you to build and train sophisticated models for tasks such as image classification, natural language processing, and more.

python free data analysis tips best seaborn plots how to free independent learning python data analysis in pandas seaborn
free python deep learning tips how to build a preceptron deep foward convolution and more costless learning examples independant learning for students free of charge

Polish your data analytical skillset with these detailed explanations with seaborn, pandas, plotly, yellowbrick, and plotly in Python. Learn more than just how to make plot, learn what data analysis insight you can gain from each specific plot.  Learn the why and how of data analysis

Neural Networks have an incredible ablity to map patterns.  Getting started with Tensorflow and Pytorch can be a little tricky.  Let's explore some common issues with building deep learning models.

Python Data Science Bootcamps

Python Data Bootcamps
Python data analysis Ai enchanced learning bootcamp easy

Machine Learning Sklearn Bootcamp

Deep Learning Tensorflow


Putting equal weight on fundamentals and how-tos of using Pandas and Seaborn in Python. In Development

A thorough but fast-paced overview of the various Machine Learning Models and Teachniques. Coming Soon

Explore the various capability of neural networks using Tensorflow in Python and prepare for the Tensorflow certification. Coming Soon

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