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help the world learn to automate the jobs of the past with Ai's.

Our Story

Data Science Teacher Brandyn started off his career in finance.  Obtaining the CFA charterholder, after mastering finance he moved onto data science.  

When he was hired as the head of risk and analytics, although traditionally a financial position, it allows him to starting testing his data science skills.  

It was also at this time that he realized the power of a simple DataFrame and by association data science.  But also noticing how hard it was for most people to make the transition into this new modern data world.  He created as well to help the world to transition into the modern world. 

Python has been traditionally taught as if your were going to be using it in computer science.  But for data science we need to use Python in a different way.

So let's focus our learning and learn the targeted needed to become data analysts, data scientist or Ai architects.  

You can choose and learn only what interests you.  And there are plently of follow along guided projects in Python for practice at all skill levels.  Get practice with Pandas, Seaborn, Sklearn, and Tensorflow.

dataSimple Programs

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