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Booking one on one Data Science time

Python is traditionally taught with a trial-by-fire learning experience.  

Python is easy but only after you get in a coder mindset, this mental transition is difficult.  University professors, who have used Python for years, often forget about this mental transition and how hard Python can be until this happens.


Book one-on-one with Data Science Teacher Brandyn to help with your personal, school, or work projects.

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A little bit about Brandyn...

From his life before data science, Brandyn holds the CFA designation.  The CFA is considered the gold standard and the highest attainable education in finance.  The CFA served him well as he started his life in Colombia.  This includes working for a gold back cryptocurrency project sponsored by a 200M USD private equity fund in Colombia. From there Brandyn went on design a risk model for a Fintech startup as the head of risk and analytics while he started a new life with his family in Colombia.

Since that experience, he has fully dedicated himself to teaching data science.  With over 140 students taught Brandyn has developed an intimate understanding of where students struggle in learning Python, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and the quarks of Pandas, Seaborn, Sklearn, and Tensorflow.  

Brandyn believes that learning data science with Python can be easy.  If you're struggling with a data science project let Data Science Teacher Brandyn guide your code and experiments.  Your data science mentor.

Brandyn's Data Science Portfolio

How to book Brandyn's time 

Every student has different needs and requires help in different ways.

Booking one on one class time with Data Science Teacher Brandyn.

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Brandyn's referral link.

One on One Data Analysis Bootcamp Syllabus

Professional data consulting, research, reviews, notes,
dataArt Comissions, special requests.

Sometimes the help needed by students doesn't fit well into one on one class time.  Things like project help on a work-related project,  research, reviewing papers, offering notes on presentations, or specific dataArt requests and special requests that will take teacher Brandyn time to prep.  Send him a message on his Facebook page to discuss your request.


All conversations and one on one reviews and support coding will be done through Preply only so please contact him there, after signing up with the Preply referral link for the 30% discount

Data Science Teacher Branyn


Data Science Teacher Brandyn Testimonials

Egor 5 ⭐
January 31, 2023

I had the pleasure of taking Python data science classes from Brandyn, and he was a superb instructor.  I greatly enjoyed and learned a lot from his interesting and in-depth teachings on data science. I heartily endorse Brandyn as a teacher for anyone considering a career in data science.

Ndr 5 ⭐
January 17, 2023

Brandyn has a huge competence in every aspect of data science and Python, he is different from other data science tutors because he has an articulate background that applies wonderfully to Data Science. On top of all this, he is also naturally predisposed for teaching to students. Impressive !

Yassine 5 ⭐
October 4, 2022

Brandyn, is just an incredible and talented mentor and teacher. I am just so impressed about how organized and passioned he is. He does not hesitate to take all the time necessary to go over the materials, I feel like I was really looking for someone like him in the sense of having a data science mentor someone who I can reach out, share my objectives and orient my learning. Highly recommend him if you want some quality, fun, and insightful teaching.

Bronte 5 ⭐
July 17, 2022

I have been working with Brandyn for several weeks now and I have found his data science tutoring lessons to be extremely clear, concise, and structured. Also, Brandyn has resources for students to work on between lessons that are easy to access and very helpful when wanting to practice. I would recommend Brandyn if you want to learn or better your Python skills.

Elias 5 ⭐
August 28, 2022

Very passionate guy! Pretty cool and will discuss anything with you. Had fun on our first class, I had prior experience with python and pandas and Brandyn barely broke a sweat placing me in the middle of his intro syllabus. Brandyn also provides you with a lot of resources to work with, YT Channel, GitHub repos, Docs & Jupyter Notebooks, the whole shebang! Highly recommend for experienced and beginners willing to get into data science!

Vishana 5 ⭐
April 5, 2022

While pursuing my Masters in Data Science, I was struggling to understand Machine Learning concepts and related code. I reached out to Brandyn and I am so happy that I did! Apart from being very knowledgeable, Brandyn is able to clearly explain and talk you through even the most difficult topics. He is extremely professional, patient and dependable and has a vested interest in seeing his students excel. If you are struggling or just need a little guidance, I would highly recommend him!

Ann 5 ⭐
January 31, 2022

I am a student with zero basic programming skills. Lucky to meet Brandyn, who makes data science accessible and fun. He developed weekly unit instruction projects weekly lesson summaries, and shared classroom materials with me. As a result, I did improve very quickly. Now I understand the basic concepts and start to follow him to learn the case. Thank you so much! Brandy is the best data science expert I've ever met, and if you're looking for a data scientist, I believe he's the best teacher you can find here. I highly recommend him to you!

Emily 5⭐
December 13, 2021

Mr Brandyn is a very professional data science tutor. He helps you in every possible way he can. He has great knowledge about the subject and makes sure to send the content after every lecture..He shows empathy and is really patient toward the student. I would highly recommend him.

Data Science Teacher Brandyn 
One on One Data Analysis Bootcamp

Data Analysis bootcamp

One on One data analysis class in Python designed to give a robust understanding of the libraries in Python that are commonly used in data analysis.  As we progress through the data analysis program Brandyn introduce statistical concepts that will allow you to be an effective data analyst and will give you the confidence to continue exploring the world of data science.

Data Analysis One on One Bootcamp in Python

Data Analysis Bootcamp 1 

Data analysis intro

In the first class of the Python data analysis bootcamp we teach the basics of working with data and samples in Python.  We also learn the need to know of a data matrix and gain an understanding of how our data was collected and the impact that will have on our analysis.

Data Analysis Bootcamp 2 

Understanding Distribution

Understanding our distributions is foundational to our understanding of our data and is where we begin our boot camp.  Here we understand the types of distributions, how we define real-world distributions and what insights we are trying to extract from each.

Data Analysis Bootcamp 3

Bivariate Analysis

Correlation doesn’t imply causation and this is true but is very much a real world concept.  In the world of our understanding the relationships in our data are of the utmost importance.  This is especially true for the relationships with our target.  Understand how we derive correlation including it’s imperfections and what it doesn’t tell you.

Data Analysis Bootcamp 4

 Hell Week 1 Pandas 

This week we take a deep dive into the many plotting and data visualization tools available in Pandas.  Although we don’t have access to some things that are available in Seaborn and Plotly, Pandas plotting is very quick. And so often we want to use Pandas plot to quickly and easily gain an understanding of our data.

Data Analysis Bootcamp 5

 Hell Week 2 Seaborn Univariate

Seaborn is a powerful data analysis tool and It's worth using Seaborn because of the beautiful data analysis it does it easily.  The reason we need to use Seaborn in our data analysis is the many tools it provides, from the hue argument, to figure-level plotting that allow for really deep analysis.

Data Analysis Bootcamp 6

Hell Week 3 Seaborn Bivariate

Understanding interrelationships in our dataset are important for business insights or to help a  machine learning engineer.  Often our relationships are more complex than simply linear and Seaborn has many tools that allow us to inspect our deep into sub-groupings that hold unique interrelationships.

Data Analysis Bootcamp 7

Hacking Hypothesis Tests

Hypothesis testing is fundamentally important to understanding if our insights are valuable or simply random chance.  We can use Python to simulate the concept and use central limit theorem to gain a better understanding of what a p value of .07 or .03 really mean in terms of the distribution.  

Data Analysis Bootcamp 8

Interactive Plotly Express

Plotly is a modern visualization library used in dashboard creation.  This is quite coding intensive.  Plotly Express to the rescue!  Plotly Express allows quick and easy access to the interactive plot.  Plotly allows for a unique ability to extract insights around our distribution and with the 3D Scatter plot we can almost walk inside our data to gain unparalleled understanding.

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