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English Most MisPronouned Words 41 - 60 From Real English Lessons Based on the Data

Updated: Feb 1

For a Hugging Faces project to fine-tune a text generation model.

I saved the reviews from over 2,000 English classes I taught on the VIPKid teaching students in Asia with basic to more advanced English than my own. It takes time to fill in the review at the end of class and so I've been planning to create a practical text generation model that will complete the student's review based on the notes I take during class.

I thought it would be valuable those new to English to share the most mispronounced English Words based on the data collected from real classes. Here I share number 41 to 60 of the most mispronounced English words based on data from real English Classes.

If your interested in taking an English class on the VIPKid platform. Obtain a discount if you create an account after following this link.

Free English Lesson based on real data collected from real English classes taught by a data scientist / english teacher
English Teacher Brandyn C

Download the presentation from this English and grow your understanding of English and it's pronunciation and vocabulary.

01. MisPronounced English Words by a Data Scientist
Download PPTX • 9.23MB

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