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Midjourney Light prompts

Explore the effect of different light promts and how it affects and indiviaul object, sticking with a Panda to hours the Pandas data science library in Python and to test the effects of promt against the same promt to focus more on what each promt adds or takes away. Each Promt is given equal weight with only the word panda.

Light Prompts

Cinematic Shot

prompt eningeering free midjourney guide

Global Illumination

midjourney prompt engineering how to free easy

Natural Light

light engineering prompt how to user guided free simple
light image generation midjoureny guide how to prompt free

Ray Traced

ray traced light prompt midjourney user guide free

Anti - Anailising 

prompt engineering user guide Ai how to learn free

Moody Lighting

prompt education learn free how to prompt engineer midjourney

Ambient Occlusion 

prompt engineering user guide manual learn how to prompt midjourney

The Golden Rays of Sunrise

prompt engineering user guided how to free learn education simple data

As Dusk Settled Upon

As dusk settled upon midjourney prompt text image generation

The Moonlight Cast a Silvery Sheen

text to image prompt example user guide how to prompt free

 Luminous crystals

free user guide prompt image text prompt

A solitary beam of light

text to image free prompt user guided example
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