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Midjourney Color prompts

In this section, we explore the world of color using various Midjourney Color prompts to change and experiment with the color palette.  As always we wil be using out Panda guinea pig in an ode to the Pandas Python Library, a staple for data science.  We can have a little more fun with color here than we were allowed to in art class.  There is no mess to clean up, which is good because there would be a lot of pandas who drowned in insane vibrant color palettes.   What if the color wasn't just a physical object like paint what if I could become part of the art itself?  Explore Midjourney color prompts and become emersed in color with the text-to-image prompts.

Without the risk of making a mess or dealing with an unhappy panda we take to greater creative liberty instead of giving equal portion panda and equal portion prompt we play with the intensity of the color prompt to generate images that are many times more color than the panda. 

Color Prompts

panda1 insane colors1

free midjourney prompt user guided color free prompt

1 part panda, 2 parts insane colors

color prompt free midjourney how to image generation

2 part panda, 5 parts insane colors

how to control prompt intensity free user prompt guided midjourney

1 part panda, 1 part vibrant colors

text to image color prompt midjourney

1 part panda 2 parts vibrant colors

text to image example mijourney color prompt

2 part panda 5 parts vibrant colors

midjourney free how to guided image generation Ai

1 part panda 1 part abstract neon

prompt engineering user guide free midjourney

1 part panda 1 part insane colors surreal

midjourney example prompt color palette prompt weighted

1 part panda 1 part soft colors

midjourney text to image prompt education

Hard Colors

user guide free how to prompt engineer image generation

Color Gradient

color prompt free guide example image generation


prompt blue midjourney


user guide prompt engineering free


text to image promot data art


pink color text to image midjourney prompt


color purple text to image prompt for midjourney


free yellow color prompt midjourney image generation prompts how to


orange Ai generation text to image prompt

Black and White

black and white text prompt for image generation

Vivid Colors

text prompt for midjourney vivid colors
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