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Weird Animals 01

I Love Animals. And seeing these weird stylized images create by accident as I used MidJourney to generate images for DataSimple data science courses. Ai generated images of animals is ways I've never really see before brought a big smile to my face. I love that there were images generated by accident making the almost impossible to generate anything like them again as it was a weird interpretation of the prompt that generated these weird images of animals.

Hot Dog 01

MidJourney's founder explaining AI art concepts in a classroom.

Hot Dog 02

A collage of AI-generated artworks by MidJourney for educational use.

One Tail or Two

One Tail or Two

A Box Used In Data Analysis

One Tail or Two

Diversity in the Forest

An unconventional image generated while crafting educational content.

1 Part Panda, 12 Parts Winter

1 Part Panda, 12 Parts Winter

Taciturn Troupial 01

MidJourney's AI art gallery, showcasing a diverse collection of creative pieces.

Taciturn Troupial 02

An intriguing visual anomaly that emerged unexpectedly during educational material development.

Taciturn Troupial 03

An unconventional and thought-provoking image originating from AI experimentation.


Unintentional artistry uncovered during the development of educational materials by MidJourney.
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