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Python Data Analysis Guided Project Level 4, 17min- Analyze Stores sales from Supermarket Chain

In Python Data Analysis guided project. Using the template or solution workbook follow along with me and analyze the various store in this supermarket chain. We will use Pandas in Python for our analysis. This guided project in Python focuses on using the .apply function in Pandas. This is a recursive function that iterates through each row using a user-defined function that we will create. This works very similar to a for loop but is fewer lines of code.

Send data science teacher brandyn a message if you have any questions

Here we use a loop to plot all of our distributions in our univariate analysis.

Here we will use the .apply function to apply user-defined functions to engineer new features that will aid in our data analysis.

We will go through our Python data analysis to collect insights and at the end of our project, we compile all our analytical insights and put them together for our business partners.

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