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Python Data Analysis Bootcamp


Data Analysis In Python

With the rise of data science being a bigger revolution than the internet it has become of utmost importance that everyone learns to work with data.  The Python Data Analysis Bootcamp is meant for those looking for a robust understanding of Data Analysis using Python.  At DataSimple we bring the learning experience of a teacher that has been teaching data science to master students one on one to the DataSimple platform.  

The DataSimple Python Data Analysis Bootcamp teaches Python in a way that although is less complex than what is traditionally taught to a computer scientist we as data scientists use Python in a different way.  The DataSimple Python Data Analysis Bootcamp teaches Python like we are learning to use Excel not like we need to know how to create our own Excel.  Learning this allows us to borrow intuition from our use of spreadsheets to accelerate our data science learning.

This data analysis program uses Ai-Ehanced mnemonic devices to assist in the learning process.  The traditional school system education involves route learning.  Learning through reptition.  This works great if the knowledge will be needed for passive recall, such as noticing the right answer on a multiple choice test.  But in Python and Data Science we need to be able to code and build with in equal parts, the Python codes along the Mathematics.  

And so, educational programs including this Data Analysis Bootcamp are designed to deliver the course material in way that stores and information in your brian and gives you easy access the first time you hear.

Sure reviewing a professors lecture 10, 20 or 30 times to finally understanding, hone and commit this knowledge to memory works but it takes times.  In the middle of the revolution bigger than the internet do you really have that kind of time to update your skill set?

This program has enhanced versions of mnemonic devices that are enabling bring them into a classroom setting to assist in the knowledge storage process in a truly human form.

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Python Data Analysis

Python Data Analysis Intro to Data Analysis

In the first class of the Python data analysis bootcamp we can basics of working with data and samples in Python.  We also learn to the need to knows of a data matrix and gain understanding into how our data was collected and the impact that will have on our analysis.

Data Analysis Guided Project 1

In our first follow-along guided project we explore the basics of working with data in Pandas and the concept of sampling.

Python Data Analysis Free Class Beginner Data Analysis Pandas
Learn how to plot histogram in pandas Python beginner data analysis Free

Python Data Analysis BootCamp 2

Python Data Analysis Understand Distributions

Data Analysis - Understanding Distributions Class 2

Understanding our distribution is foundational to our understanding of our and is where we begin our bootcamp.  Here we understand the types of distributions, how we define real world distributions and what insights we are trying to extract from each.

Data Analysis Guided Project 2

In our 2nd Python data analysis guided project

Python Data Analysis Learn Kde plot distribution
Python Data Analysis Outliers Distributions Beginner

Python Data Analysis BootCamp 3

Python Learn Bivariate Analysis

Data Anaysis Bivariate Analysis Class 3

Correlation doesn’t imply causation and this is true but is very much a real world concept.  In the world of our understanding the relationships in our data are of the utmost importance.  The is especially true for the relationships with our target.  Understand how we derive correlation including it’s imperfections and what it doesn’t tell you.

Data Analysis Guided Project 3

In our 3rd Python data analysis guided project


Python Data Analysis BootCamp 4

Python Pandas Data Analysis Hell Week High Level

Data Analysis Hell Week 1 - Pandas Class 4

This week we take a deep dive into the many plotting and data visualation tools available in Pandas.  Although we don’t have access to some things that are available in Seaborn and Plotly, Pandas plotting is very quick. And so often we want to use Pandas plot to quickly and easily gain understanding of our data.

Data Analysis Guided Project 4

In our 3rd Python data analysis guided project

pandas many histograms without for loop
Pandas data analysis times series

Python Data Analysis BootCamp 5

Python Seaborn Data Analysis Univariate Analyze

Data Analysis Hell Week 2 - Seaborn Univariate Analysis Class 5

Seaborn is a power data analysis tool and although it’s worth using Seaborn just because of the beautiful data analysis it does easily.  The reason we need to use Seaborn in our data analysis are the many tools, from the hue argument, to figure level plotting that allow for really deep analysis.

Data Analysis Guided Project 5

In our 3rd Python data analysis guided project

Seaborn detailed data analysis swarm plot high level complex
Seaborn Python Data Analysis distribution plot many distributions

Python Data Analysis BootCamp 6

Data Analysis Python Extracting Business Insighs

Data Analysis Workshop 1 - Extracting Business with Python Clss 6

Before we start our data analysis we should always be aware of what our goal is to stay targeted in our data analysis and not getting lost in the data.  In this workshop we will go through the process of extracting business insights and then combining them into interesting marketing strategies.

Data Analysis Guided Project 6

In our 3rd Python data analysis guided project

Python Data Analysis BootCamp 7

Data Analysis Seaborn Bivariate Analyze

Data Analysis Hell week 3 - Seaborn Bivariate Analysis

Understanding our interrelationships in our dataset are important for business insights or to help a  machine learning engineer.  Often our relationships are more complex than simply linear and Seaborn has many tools that allow us to inspect our deep into sub-groupings that hold unique interrelationships.

Data Analysis Guided Project 7

In our 7th Python data analysis guided project

Seaborn Bivaraite Data Analysis in Python Education High Advanced
Python data analysis bootcamp analyze data with seaborn linear correlation

Python Data Analysis BootCamp 8

Data Analysis Hacker Statistics

Data Analysis Hacking Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing in fundamentally important to understanding if our insights are valuable or simply random chance.  We can use Python to simulate the concept and use central limit theorem to gain a better understand of a p value of .07 or .03 really mean in terms of the distribution.  

Data Analysis Guided Project 8

In our 8th Python data analysis guided project

Hacker Statistics distributions are Different
Hacker statistic mean not in distribution

Python Data Analysis BootCamp 9

Plotly Express Data Analysis Python Learn

Data Analysis Hell Week 4 - Plotly Express

Plotly is a modern visualization library used in dashboard creation.  This is quite coding intensize.  Plotly Express to the rescue.  Plotly Express allows quick and easy access to interactive plot.  Plotly allows for a unique ability to extract insights around our distribution and with the 3D Scatter plot we can almost walk inside our data and gain an unparalleled understanding of our data.

Data Analysis Guided Project 9

In our 9th Python data analysis guided project

sunburst plot in plotly express
python data analysis with plotly 3D scatter plot learn

Python Data Analysis BootCamp 10

Python Data Analysis ML Prep

Data Analysis Hacking Hypothesis Testing

Although there are many similarities in the insights we will focus on extracting from our data in collecting business insights.  Are are many different things we need to pay attention to properly support  a data scientist.  This workshop will focus on data analysis techniques that will support the development of a machine learning model.

Data Analysis Guided Project 10

In our 10th Python data analysis guided project

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