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Weird People 01

While generating images for my Ai Enhanced educational material for my data science classes using Midjourney, I often didn't get the images I was looking for. And sometimes the images generated by Midjourney were is short very very weird. Here I share some of the trully unquie images accidently generated of people are are in short very weird.


MidJourney images generated by accident while making educational data science material. Python DataSimple art Ai

Not Trainable

when generating images on the subject of why we need a train test split i accidently generated this interesting image

What is Kmeans?

What is Kmeans?

One ML Model

What is Kmeans?

Truncating or Removing

When generating images for a data analysis class in Python , I wanted some mnemonics that could help students remember the concept of truncating or removing outliers and well this doesn't quite work...

Truncating or Removing 02

Truncating or Removing 02

Truncating or Removing 03

Another Image accidently generated with MidJourney in my quest for the best mnemonic to support my class on treating outliers.

Spotlights on You

This weird image was accidently generated while making a class for data story telling.  I was looking for and image of a spotlight point on someone and I got a spotlight on someone.

Categorical Data Types

A constant problem I faces was trying to generate a good representation for categorical data types in Python.  And Since data types are so important in Python, I was a costant difficult image generation task I had to work with.

Addicted to Puzzles

Data Science is many facets is like trying to put little pieces together in a bigger understanding of the data.  And well I'm addicted to understanding things but not quite a puzzle addict. .... maybe in my old age.
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