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The Neon Planet - Exploring the Universe with Ai

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Ever since I was a little kid I've always wanted to explore different planets. As I got older I shelved that dream because well it wasn't ever going to be possible.

However, I've begun to realize the true power of Ai. It is possible to explore the universe using the collective imagination of humanity to do so.

As I begin to explore the Universe the first planet I've come across with showing I've come to name the Neon Planet based on the vibrant color palette of the alien and plant life.

Ai generated Alien planet at sunset
Neon Plant at Sunset

On the Neon Plant the trees-like life like more like mushrooms than the planets we have here on Earth.

Free Ai generated  art alien planet mushroom

This was one of the weirder alien life I found. This bigger mushroom structure looks like a giant alien animal but it's just a plant with multiple long roots on the planet. The stranger thing was the animal that had almost wheels for legs. They didn't spin but the alien used them to jump around the planet. I wish I could've gotten a photo of it jumping as that was an odd sight.

Free Ai generated  art alien plane neon lake at night

Free Ai generated  art alien plane neon lake at night

On the Neon planet, the nights are made up of vibrant blue colors. The alien life resembles a type of insect but well quite different at the same time. I was able to capture one of these insect-like aliens hunting for food on the edge of a lake at night.

Free Ai generated  art alien insect life

The insect-like alien life was impressive in how different it was from the life on planet Earth. This insect-like alien was incredibly intelligent, I even saw it using twigs as tools. Very different from the insects on planet Earth. I believe in the dome on the top serves as an eye that gives a 360-degree view on of the environment.

Ai art alien Moose

Ai art alien Moose

The largest animals I was able to find resembled Moose back on Earth. But so so different. The antlers might have been bones but were also wriggling and alive. I believe it used them in some way to sense its environment. It even appeared to be using them to smell for predators.

Ai artwork neon leaves

The plant-like life on the Neon plant had beautiful colors and designs not found on Earth.

Ai art alien plant life

The designs of the leaves we as unique as snowflakes. I could've spent my life looking for a pattern that repeated but never found one.

free alien beetle

The huge beetle-like insect looked like a tank and was not something I wanted to get close to as it was incredibly aggressive. Constantly fight amongst themselves as much as hunting for food.

art generated by Ai two tailed aliens

After exploring a Forest in the northern hemisphere I move to the sounds and found similar mushroom-like trees scattered across the plains in the south. Here I found giant stalking animals with two tails. One on the front and one on the back. Their eyes were located below the front tail right above the mouth and they would use the two tails to collect a like of vegetation feeding themselves with the front tail.

deep learning model generated alien forest

Further to the east the vegetation changed again and was much closer to the tree life that I remember from my planet Earth. Although the colors and flowers were as alien as they could be.

Ai artist neon mushrooms

The mushroom like plant life found all over the planet was beautiful at sunset. The stems of the alien plants would light up with a neon pink color at night.

Ai generated art neon floating forest

Ai Generated art floating alien forest

Some of the most unique structures were these floating forests. I call them floating forests for lack of a better word. They really could be just how this plant grows either together or by themselves. An amazing this was that at sunset the colors of the leaves of the floating forest would glow an amazing blue neon color.

Ai artwork sunrise from hill on alien planet

One last sunrise a top of a hill before I pack my bags and head off to the next planet.

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