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DataSimple Ai-Ehanced
Python Data Analysis
Guided Projects

Revolutionizing Data Analysis Education:
Follow Along Python Guided Projects 

Data Analysis Guided Project.  Follow along with the data science instructor and fill in the template workbook.  Finish you first projects and learn additional Python code to supplement each class and expand on the concepts covered in DataSimple's Python Data Analysis Bootcamp.

Data Analysis Guided Project 1 - Walmart Customer Analysis

  • Pandas Histogram

  • Pandas Basic Plot Formatting

  • Seaborn Jointplot

  • Binning Continuous Variable

  • Random Sampling

  • Analyze Customer Data

In the first follow along guided project for the DataSimple's Ai Enhanced Python Data Analysis Bootcamp we analyze Walmart Customer Data.  When we analyze customer data of a shopping center we want to get a sense of the customer's behaviors,  things that can be done to personalize the shopping experience, further understand how the customers make their buying decisions, and anything that could give us a competitive advantage over our competitors.  To highlight differences we will consider that effect that taking a random sample has on our data and the insights drawn from them to be certain of our analysis before sharing our analysis with our colleagues.

Data Analysis Guided Project 2 - Loan Customer Analysis

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