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Working with Hugging Faces NLP Dataset

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In this free lesson learn how to use a Hugging Faces Dataset, also known as a transformers dataset.  This lesson will cover how to use and manipulate an NLP dataset so we focus on what are common NLP tasks in machine learning.  The basic structure of a dataset is simlar to that of a Python dictionary and we can access individual features in much the same way.  We also have access to many Hugging Faces functions on the dataset like to_pandas to easily turn a dataset into a Pandas DataFrame which can be handy for our Exploratory Text Data Analysis.


In this free lesson, we discovered the utilization of a Hugging Faces Dataset, also referred to as a transformers dataset, in this tutorial. The lesson will guided you through the manipulation and utilization of an NLP dataset, focusing on common NLP tasks in machine learning. The fundamental structure of the dataset closely resembles that of a Python dictionary, allowing us to access individual features in a similar manner. Additionally, we can leverage various functions provided by Hugging Faces, such as to_pandas, to effortlessly convert a dataset into a Pandas DataFrame. This transformation proves beneficial for conducting Exploratory Text Data Analysis.

for free learn python text data analysis with transformers and dataset
learn how to use hugging faces for NLP problems in python for free
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