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How I decided to switch my career and become a Data Scientist

My Story

So my story starts in Colombia during the Pandemic.  I was alone there for basically a year before they let us out of our houses.

So when they did I bought a bike thinking I remembered how to ride from, even though it had been 15 years since the last time I was on a bike.

So I go to visit a friend and I’m coming back from his house, down a steep hill in a rain storm thinking I remembered how to ride a bike.

And well I’m not surprised I feel down where I did.  But something hit me in the back of my head underneath my helmet.

Something hits me in the head under my helmet. And I spent a month in Colombia in a coma.

This time in the hospital gave me the realization that I wanted to switch from finance to data science as my profession.

The problem was that I'm older now and didn’t have as much to spend learning and with the fact that I had just recovered from a brain injury, I began researching and studying the concept of learning.

I learned that traditional education teaches uses rote learning likely stemming from how language has been taught for thousands of years.  Rote learning, learning by repetitions, do have a place when there is a physical movement and so will work well for learning Python syntax.

Learning by using Mnemonics is simply a method developed around how our minds actually work.  We can accelerate your intake with Mnemonics; using unique visuals, stories, color patterns, and creating connections within a story and to our past experiences.

This is how DataSimple bootcamps are designed.  They are designed to enable and speed up learning and retention of knowledge by tailoring the content for humans and the way our minds work.  Things we’ve known about since the 1960s.

DataSimple bootcamps are designed for humans.

What the bootcamp Includes.

Comprehensive Curriculum

A carefully curated syllabus that covers everything from Python fundamentals to advanced data visualization and machine learning.

Real-World Projects

You'll work on real data sets from various industries, solving complex problems to build a portfolio that proves your expertise.

Expert Instructor

Our experienced data scientists will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you grasp the concepts and skills necessary for success.

Community and Networking

Join a vibrant community of fellow data enthusiasts and connect with potential employers through our networking events.


Choose from full-time or part-time options to fit your schedule and learning pace.

Access to Resources:

 10 Data Analysis Classes, over 10 hours of video lessons, Python Workbooks, Ai-Enhanced Cheat Sheet, Guided Projects, Access to Premium Plotting Tips.

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