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a simple way to learn something complex

learning to code is like learning to paint

data science is mainly conceptual, coding is a physical skill like painting.  learn in a focused way for each skill

learn one or learn them all in the self-inclusive programs all starting with the python basics or the ability to skip right into the knowledge sections

python basics


start with the basics and start learning from the perspective of data today.  especially easy for someone familiar with spreadsheets

learn data analysis


use Pandas and Seaborn in Python to complete robust in-depth analyses that provide valuable insights to the business or machine learning engineer

learn machine learning


understanding conceptually is as important,understand how the maths affect the relation problem is intuition and we focus on building intuition.  How it affects the real data verus here is how you do a closed math problem.

learn deep learning


understanding why neural networks work well is like understanding how our brains work and the infinite possibilities there

guided project


practice the code and develop the muscle memory so important to being comfortable using code to interact with data

learn simple 

learn fast

Learning Python like your a studying computer science when your actually trying to master data science doesn't work.  Python in many ways is just like a mouse,  it's a way to interact with your computer.  

What we need to learning is how to focus our learning on how to use Python to interact with specific libraries.  Just like Google sheets and Excel aren't exactly the same we need to focus on learning the data science libraries. 

Keeping with the concept our programs are targeted, focused, and robust in each topic they cover, but focus on getting you to mastery only on that topic.

Data Science Teacher Brandyn takes pride in helping the world learn data science


students help


data collect


ideas had


countries world wide


hrs training nueral network

Are You Ready to Simplify Your Learning?

Special thanks to Matias del Campo for the background dataArt generated with artificial intelligence.  Thanks!  Check out his other projects here:

Python is generally taught as if it will be used in computer science.  

Python though,  is so much like a mouse, it allows us to interact with a computer.

 So let's focus our learning and learn the dataSimple way and learn with a data perspective.

Our learning programs focus on the data perspective. From basic Python, data analysis, and supervised learning, to making your Ai's talk.

In all of our learning material from coding to concepts, we take the Data perspective.


And we will make your learning dataSimple.

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