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About data science teacher brandyn:

Originally from Canada, after studying for and completing the CFA program whilst he traveled around South America, he fell in love with Colombia and decided to make try and make a life there.  After working on a cryptocurrency project with a million in financing and backing of a 200M private equity gold focus fund, he went on to be the head of risk and analytics in a FinTech start-up in Colombia. 

With the CFA completed, he studied data science in the mornings in between his work as an English teacher before he went to his normal day job.

As he began incorporating data science into his financial work, and with the use of data science in his work he realized his true passion. 

Understanding the world with data science.  The News is riddled with bias, textbooks are just other people's data science.  Discover the world on your own terms with data science in Python. 

helping to make the world flat

Data science and truly revolutionalized the world.  In the future every job will be data analyst or data scientist.  Because data science is anonymous to information.  Meaning that to produce an excellent data analysis or predictive model, you rarely need to understand what the information means in real life.  Meaning that you can supply valuable insights, get a high score without being an industry expert. 


This provides us, the people, of this generation with a grand once-in-human history type of opportunity.  Data science is the biggest step to truly making the world flat since the internet.  The DataSimple project is designed to enable and give the opportunity to the people to enter this new data world by providing afforable material for all price ranges.

Together we can make the world flat.  The DataSimple way.

DataSimple project timeLine

Nov 2022 - Jan 2023

Jan 2023 - Mar 2023

Feb 2023 - Apr 2023

develop guided project library and DataBlog

Python for free and Data Analysis in Python boot camp

Machine and Deep learning bootcamps

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