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Showcase of Art generated by Natanya Hartgers Stam with openAi technology using text to image

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

This art generated with a deep learning model is truly an artwork. It really has the emotion and feeling of a human captured by an Ai in this art series. Natanya Hartgers who generate this data art using openAi technology Dalle which is a text-to-image model and is very very cool how the Ai was able to capture the human form. The data artist included the following note along with her data art.

"Desolate" Once more unto the breach!

The army is in the middle of a siege .....

They have succeeded in weakening the walls of the city and creating a “breach” they can use to access it, but they are outnumbered and exhausted.

It is up to them to rouse them into gathering up their strength for a decisive charge to take the city and bring them victory…..

once more…..a million repeated fractal parts of history ....(Henry V)

Series by ♫♪ Natanya Hartgers

Ai generated data art, deep learning, art
text to image data art

linear algebra artwork
art generated with Dall-E

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data art generated with deep learning model

Ai generated data artwork
Ai captures human form

free openAi artwork
the form of a human captured by a deep learning model

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