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Python Data Analysis Guided Project Drugged Islanders, Level 1, 19 minutes

On this beginner-guided project in Python we will explore with our Python data analysis skills what happened to the Islanders when the were given various drugs. Studying the effects of drugs using Pandas and Seaborn in Python on the isolated islander as they were given different medicine.

Send data science teacher brandyn a message if you have any questions

Use the heatmap plot in Seaborn to explore the linear correlations in our dataset. Learn how to use Seaborn's diverging palette generator to emphasize the positive and negative correlations.

In our Python data analysis project we will be analyzing what happened to the Islander when the were given Alprazolan (Xanax), Triazolam (Halicon) and placebos.

Our data analysis requires us to look at how the drugs given impacted memory.

Here is will plot many histograms with Pandas in Python with a for loop.

Using another for loop to plot many distributions at once we use Seaborn this time to change the colors of our categories by color to allow for higher-level analyses.

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